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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hotel Hermes

MI 아들 NI ✈✈✈✈ ✈ Mais bela Japonesa do Brasil, es de 3 horas
A: Il Signor Andre e la Sig.ra Patricia
DA: Thomas Michael Kunishima

The delayed AZ7963 Flight from Osaka Nippon Via dell'aeroporto di Fiumicino Province of Rome with lost baggage containing medications and sleeping matts from Japanese Physicians has complicated my sojourn at Hotel Hermes.

Having an on-call MEXICAN American Doctor on the staff is certainly the last reason I returned to l'albergo, as I did last year when traveling alone for 7 days to flee The Japan State of Emergency 2012 Great East Earth Quake. 

It must have been at least 5 or 6 times that I have enjoyed my stays at your enterprise even when studying Executive Italian International Commerce and Industry in Roma in 1976, as well as to make personal Family Calls on relatives throughout Italy, Italian Republic.

Kindly, if you please, explain why the concierge accepted our valuables and cash of $50000 then immediately put his unwashed hands with germs into my mouth?

The past seven years I have had to stay in Japanese hospital out-patient rooms under controlled envrionment conditions, which is why we requested a room without a bed. The Medical Team of  9 Japanese Doctors finally agreed to allow this 2012 sojourn so that I would be able to receive treatments at Careggi Hospital to stabilize my physical motor abilities further and partake in a respectful rehabilitation program lead by Dr Alberico from Torino.

The domestic violence from Japanese spouse Hijiriko aka Masako Kunishima, aka Seiko Kunishima aka Mrs Masako Kunishima or whatever she cares to call herself to hide her assets from the US Tax Department is the prime reason I have been debilitated with the degenerative disease clinically called cervical myelopathy.

Unfortunately conditions at your place of business, Hotel Hermes have fallen short of usual standards which I had become accustomed to. Only was I taken ill with asthmatic attacks, bronchitis and tonsillitis spending the first 4 nights and 5 days distressed and unable sleep in the dirty room with ants crawling and fleas festering.

According to Sig.ra Maeda in Tokyo: Alitalia Compagnia Aerea Italiana S.p.A. - Passenger Direct Sales:

"I’m grad to hear that you’ve enjoyed our flight, because I was worry about your health condition, And I asked our staff in Kansai Airport,and  the Lost and Found  in Kansai Airport about your baggage, I’m sorry to say but they don’t keep that. Please take care, and I hope you’ll come back to Japan with good health condition."


We recently received a statement from your billing department demanding more cash, including a bar bill. Because both the Domestic and International Medical Teams forbid alcohol, we must state our grievances. 

MI 아들 NI has frequented several times a week to assist with my health care as your staff is not professionally trained to provide proper humane treatment for stateless people suffering from bone deformities in both feet as well as cervical myelopathy, the degenerative disease initially caused by domestic violence and further impacted by 2 traffic incidents in 2005.

We did not wish to burden your staff further to keep them away from their regular duties towards other guests, whom we have rarely seen except the heroin Japanese junkie escaped convict Watanabe in room 2, who recently left for Venice with friend 大久保博臣

When Patric, your Manager spoke maidenly so loudly to me for some unknown reason in front of Rimona and her husband whose company I was delighted to share, it appeared that Rimona was stricken with the same shocks of nerve disorder, like bolts of lightening when Nicolas, your front desk porter punched me in the chest.

Patric's manner was aggressive, bitching, belittling, blasphemous and hostile especially in front of other guests in the lounge area. Has he lost his sense of judgement?

Had this been Nippon, Patric would have been immediately sent to prison with hard labour for at least 13 months to learn proper etiquette, respect and value for other human lives. We expect much more from Italian Citizens, or are you both still Mexican?  

My Families have always been, without any doubts nor questions not even having to ask for legal aid and protection when required. Patric's wages ought to be docked for 3 months and applied to our tab as you will insist. 


The English young man with the long hair and tattoo body, is he a regular employee or another junkie convict you conjure with? We requested an early wake-up call at 07:00AM to meet with 2 different Italian Bank Officials, in order to transfer our estate private funds.

Laura always telephones and ensure that I am awake for the AM regiment of prescribed mandatory medications. Reward her with a double increase in salary.That fellow never bothered to wake me up in time to keep my appointments. Does he know how to use a telephone? Give him an iPorn.

Today I learned the gentlemen bankers from Argentina returned to South America and will not return for at least another month. They have other clients to make amends for on Cuba, Hawaii, Honshu, Hong Kong, Maui, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Put yourself in my shoes. They told me over the telephone, "we don't care you see a fu_k about the Nigerian you hate." The disrespect from your English dude ports a female trait that is unimpressive and inherently unreliable. What the English Queen eats does not make me shite. Is he an ex-con or au courant?

Rosy, who kills the rats running up and down the stairs with her hard nails, came to my assistance at around noon so the maids were unable to clean the room. How would you feel living in stinking filth from diseases? Like a pig 's stye!

The sheets, towels and pillow cases ought to have been burned after each of those 4 nights and 5 days of fever, tonsillitis and chronic diseases. We noticed after checking in the aroma of coconut in the linens, but ever since we have lost that perception or have you not settled charges with the cleaning outsources.

Another time we asked the English young man for a coffee. He refused us. Then he sat at the bar, while on duty and fed his face in plain view of everyone. Later he had the audacity to make coffee for himself, then fell asleep with his dirty boots up on one of the sofas. 

Does he think he owns the place or is he acting like that starlet boy from The UK Russel Brand? Not only should you give him a shampoo wash and cut; allow him to pay our "bar bill" at Giacosa and Rivoire in Comune di Firenze where we take walks for teas.

We specially made reservations that our room have no bed. The presence of the bed in the room is uncomfortable causing fits of distemper. We would expect a reduced room rate for the inconveniences, if not then remove the soiled mattress and bed stand at once.

Thirteen days has been an unnecessary burden on me, THOMAS MICHAEL KUNISHIMA, YOUR GUEST ON ACCOUNT FOREVER IN PERPETUITY. My question is, is our room a used Toyota car lot or are you two just acting like Romney and His Pee? 

On Thursday when I returned in the early evening from a business meeting in Roma, I found the room exactly as when I left in the early morning. The room was uncleaned and smelly not having been aired for the day. Are there not enough ladies in waiting? We see many young girls asking for favors on the street in front of your Hotel Hermes who would appreciate the chance to work under Rosy. Is she pregnant again or not getting fulfilled by her husbands?

We did not book at Hotel Hermes for the drama. We are unhappy that when Rosy leaves, who will bring us Bagnodoccia & Shampoo, fresh towels and sapone? Stefanie, the young Japanese Lady I approached for purchase of Hotel Hermes or GA?

signed in his absence by

Hotel Hermes

This message is only for the personal and confidential use of the designated recipient(s).
If you are not the intended recipient of this message, we kindly ask you to notify us via e-mail and to cancel the message; keeping the message, distributing it to others even in part, copying it, or using it for other purposes, would be going against the principles of the legislative decree 196/2003.
Correct behaviour from all of us will contribute to achieve a more civilised society.Thank you.
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Friday, September 28, 2012



BONLOOK eyeglasses for Men and Women introduces nothing special I have not seen at other fashion eyewear online E-shops.

Described as "The Store For Exceptional Prescription Eyewear." 
I would have to not agree. 
Take a look and decide. 
Would you put BONLOOK on your wish list?

The shop will help you decide on Progressive Lenses: 
High-Definition Free Form Eyeglasses and Sunglasses. 
Isn't this a formula for misleading advertisement?

BONLOOK service includes Anti-Reflective coating and UV protection. 
Look around your neighborhood shops for the exact same service.

Now this American eyewear from Montreal and Brooklyn is the current collection for unfashionable types and at home outlaws.



Thursday, September 27, 2012


Today I was given the Hocus Pocus, no pun POTUS. Hear the message I got at Yamazaki Hospital a few weeks ago. My Mac speaks, because my eyes are weak. 

For the public record, information from Yamazaki MD who graduated medical school somewhere on the archepelago in the 1940's was a misfit not content to pursue advanced medical studies for researches nor continue to read updates of medical publications for modern medical reviews even into the 21st century.

Our baby delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure: DNS Error: 
Domain name not found

When I received this technical report 3 days in a row with regards to the passing away of a personal friend, I stopped wondering if the practicing physician is a qak or not since I did not notice any diploma on the walls of his waiting rooms or inner chamber for examination of male and female body parts. 

My suspicion is the man is a perverted octogenarian, not a qualified medical doctor.

credits 414. That's an error

The only photo closely resembling Yamazaki aka Sensei that I found on The Internet of the mad man appears above. Be sure you are wearing HD eyewear to get the best effect especially if you have been using MacBook Pro Retina Display.

A few weeks ago maniac Yamazaki did a real number on my body. The acting doctor spurted hateful racial epithets at me then concluded by saying,  

"You are crazy. You F_ck Yourself. "That middle word is similar in meaning to that middle finger you see on your right or left hand, isn't it?

Such a mad, maniacal diseased man. Woohoo! Maybe he has that cow disease, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy. Yamazaki continued his boisterous rantings so everyone in the small hospital heard clearly,

 "You are sick. Don't come back to this hospital. I will not take care of you. GO ON. Get Out You Crazy Bastard."

Being accused of being a bastard is a serious offense in my book reading list,  “Cyberspace and National Security: Threats, Opportunities, and Power in a Virtual World.” 

As a matter of fact, I do have a birth certificate from The U.S.A. giving names of both married parents. Obviously the words he spat at me carried no literate meaning only harmful, resentful, discriminating words against a national.  

This commonly known disease is called xenophobia. The disease is affecting 99.9% of the Japanese population, with no know cures presently available. 

At that time,  I was lucky to be wearing a unicharm mask to keep mad Yamazaki's saliva off my face. Fortunately I am nearsighted and always wear glasses or sunglasses to protect my eyes.

----- Original message -----

DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=20120113;
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Received: by with SMTP id d17mr872471qak.76.1348655043696; Wed,
 26 Sep 2012 03:24:03 -0700 (PDT)

MIME-Version: 1.0

Received: by with HTTP; Wed, 26 Sep 2012 03:23:43 -0700 (PDT)
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2012 03:23:43 -0700
Message-ID: skymoabombDrJ1Why? badBoy>
Subject: Family Law

Now MIME is not a girl's name, is it? MIME NOUN DUMB SHOW, pantomime, mummery.

That qak I noted above is exactly what Yamazaki Hospital is about: phoney physicians qak, qak, qak while wearing white coats

Are any of Lady GaGa's monsters writing the MacBook Pro dictionary? 

Urgh monsters crop up everywhere in modern Japan. Take for example, my visit to Yamazaki Hosipital today at about 13:00 when I was reduced to a Pulp Fiction listening to  negative, racially biased statements about Great Grand Mother Kunishima Suzuko. 

The Head, not down there, the head receptionist began a dispute by saying, "I do not know a thing, I know nothing." I agreed with her, which is polite Japanese language skill one masters in order to be recognized as fluent. The head, yes yes please keep looking up.

As the conversation became heated in Japlisp, head receptionist continued to spook me so badly, I wished Great Grand Mother Kunishima Suzuko to smack this b_tch face, lest I ruin the pounds of makeup covering the head's wrinkled face. I suppose in all her senior years, she overate on umeboshi.

photo via

I receded to the neighboring CircleK Sunkus. MmMy Mia Mama! The staff speak quite well greeting me in Italian. "Il Signore Prego! Per favore. Salvo. Salute. "  Such a ringtone chorus that favored my ears. I could not resist one "Prego!"

The Chief CircleK Sunkus Manager immediately handed over his personal iPorn, as iPhone is known in the State Japan is known in the State Japan, to allow me to call for APPD backup assistance. 

Verbal Abuse from anyone is a high risk characteristic in the State Japan still in the 21st century after the submission and surrender. 

Also remember Japanese have yet to sign The World Organization for Cross-border Co-operation in Civil and Commercial Matters . 

This year over 300 children have gone missing. Do you know where your children are now? Not at a coffee shop, not at the firestations and definitely not in the State Japan, The Far East Asia.

Woohoo! Officer Isoizumi and cohort, who had in the past saved my life from a brawl with 4 firefighters, and a cut throat coffee shop owner named Kato Rose

The officers came within minutes to ask specific details in their official brief shakedown. We shared a happy hour bantering back and forth with light punching and shoves. 

These two Gentlemen Officers know my health condition well unlike APPD Komaki Officer Kamada Seiichi, who manhandled me with strong force in traffic lanes outside the NIC Building,  grabbing both arms with pressure, trying to break my neck last week. 

At Yamazaki Hospital,  about 10 minutes after the officers came out of the condemned builiding, with a goat's grin on their faces. The officers exclaimed to me, "We each smooched her on the mouth twice, and blew warm breath air into her ears."

"She fell down to her knees loosing her eyeglasses. She pleasured us. Not well, but enough for the first big blow off of the day. Thank you for calling us. Keep it up!  The regular routine work for us is always a pleasure. Ciao IL.MO Kunishima."  

After getting a laser therapy treatment in Yamazaki Hospital, I suggested to the talking head pseudo doc to open up his empty hospital rooms, I Google+ ed  40 rooms for homeless people to take shelter, have 3 meals a day, and rejuvenate their lives under his direction. His reply? Could you guess? 

Exactly. "NO"; The only English word Japanese people speak well however such poor judgement in ethical morals and manners. From young to old, rich down to poor throughout the archipelago, you will hear the chanting of the degenerate lost generations, having surrendered once, now attempting to re-jeuvinate the world's most gross language, supplemenedt by the word "NO".

A No Thank You would be nice. Yet Japanese people, including the Yamazaki Hospital maniac molester, should all be given another lesson in what it means to act like a responsible human being. 

Japanese still stride wild horses because women are disgusting. Not pure and with no beauty nor charm points. 

What does a guy have to do to pleasure himself? Go to Malaysia? You need only follow you nose to the Imperial Household Agency, then knock twice 2x at the door. Remember to take off your shoes as those canard folks adore the scent of foot oder.

Finally, in all kindness and fair play, keep away from Yamazaki Hospital unless of course you enjoy the foundling give by the sucker faced Yamazaki and his common law wife, Head Receptionist par excellence, minus the excellence. I would never even let her touch it once. Right the head down there. She is worse than any buddhist female nudist monk I've seen in the State, Japan The Far East Asia.